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Arshakuni Kingdom Silver Pendant


  • 100% handmade
  • .925 Sterling Silver
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The Arsacid dynasty known natively as the Arshakuni dynasty ruled the Kingdom of Armenia from 54 to 428. They are a branch of the Arsacid dynasty of Parthia. Arsacid Kings reigned intermittently throughout the chaotic years following the fall of the Artaxiad Dynasty until 62 when Tiridates I secured Arsacid dynasty of Parthia rule in Armenia. An independent line of Kings was established by Vologases II (Vagharsh II) in 180. Two of the most notable events under Arsacid rule in Armenian history were the conversion of Armenia to Christianity by Gregory the Illuminator in 301 and the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Saint Mesrob in circa 406. made with .925 Sterling Silver
handcrafted, antique finish, double hook style
measurements are height: 40mm width: 47mm
can be worn with silver chain or leather cord
chain not included


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