When we talk about Armenians we are talking about twelve thousand years of living nation. During many
thousands of years Armenia was handled by many kingdoms. Armenia had a big culture. On this chess set
is described almost all the big kingdoms in Armenia. The beginning of the kingdom is Van Araratian,
Yervandouny 620 B.C., Artashesian 180 B.C. – 64 A.D., Arshakouny 64 – 422 A.D., Bagradouny
885 – 1045 A.D., Roubenian 1045 – 1375 A.D.. All of the kingdoms symbols are described on the
king and queens throne. The clothing style is matched with its certain period of time. The chess set
is based on historical books. If you want to get more information or for more detail
about the Armenian historical chess set please contact us.
approx. measurements:
King – height: 6 1/4in width: 2 3/4in
Queen – height: 6in width: 2 3/4in
Bishop – height: 5 1/2in width: 2 1/4in
Knight – height: 4 3/4in width: 2 1/4in
Rook – height: 5 1/4in width: 2 1/4in
Pawn – height: 4 3/8in width: 2in
chess table made from white onyx, black obsidian and wood (sold separately)
handcrafted, antique finish
free shipping, order takes 4-5 weeks