I started this Halloween Silver Collection on 2018 because I was getting a lot of emails of people wanting Halloween jewelry. Such as, ghosts, witches, and spell book pendants and rings, so I designed couple on 2018 and will make more. If you guys have any Halloween ideas that you would want to turn into a silver jewelry, just email me at Tigrani@hotmail.com and ill make whatever you have in your mind. All my 2018 Halloween Collection are unisex design so good for males and females.

Detailed to Perfection

All items are 100% handmade with the finest details and also they are Solid .925 Sterling Silver with antique finish.

just some images here so you guys can see. I love every one of them and they are all unique due to all the finest details.

Since the prices have gone up since 2018, I had to raise the prices to match this current year. This Halloween Silver Collection is good for all year round Halloween season and the chains are not included. This are for the pendants only and the design of this pendants will match nearly any chain in any metal.

Look how unique the Halloween cat is on the moon with the star loop, and the two ghosts one is smaller than the other. So those who want big ghost or for those who want a small ghost can all pick and choose to their needs.

Let me know what you guys think of this Halloween Collection and many more coming soon.

Also just to let you guys know I have many more pendants and rings that are not made for Halloween; But they sure can be worn for the season of Halloween. So Check out all my items I have some cool items such as bats, spiders, and skulls that will match Halloween time.

– all the best from Tigrani Silver, Stay safe and enjoy yummy Halloween fests and goodies. 🙂

Check out the Halloween Collection here.